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The Tartanic iPad Kid Clinger
  • The Tartanic iPad Kid Clinger

    The Tartanic iPad Kid Clinger is kinda dramatic but for good reason. This vibrant tartan print is bold and unabashed. They would definitely let you board the life boat first.


    Tattered tartan fabric scrap quilted and detailed with puffy grid stuffed with recycled pre-consumer 100% cotton textile waste.


    Big enough for most laptops, certainly your biggest iPad, your packed lunch and a small water bottle. 


    This is a one of a kind clinger.


    Dimensions = 35cm x 21cm x 8cm

    Strap length = Size 3: 110cm

    Pocket = 15cm x 12cm

    • Outer  - Cotton fabric scrap from @reversegarbage with padded grid sewn with organic cotton calico scrap fabric and stuffed with 100% cotton pre-consumer textile waste from @hoooked.zpagetti. Quilted with organic cotton batting. 

      Inner - Cotton calico

      Hardware - Mechanically recycled polyester YKK zip

      Label - Organic cotton canvas, digitally printed with a water based pigment ink by Next State Print

      Thread - Polyester 

      Hang tag - Reused cardboard laser cut and engraved by @modelcraftmodel makers. Tied with Neon green cotton cord sourced from @reversegarbage. 

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