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Sustainability at Clingy

Clingy sets high standards of sustainable practice for itself in what we create and how we operate day to day. From day one, we've saved all our fabric scraps for future use and gathered sewing and office waste like thread spools, broken needles and printer ink cartridges for recycling. 

Our Best Friends


Second-life fabrics

We use fabrics that are unloved and would otherwise end up in landfills, aiming at giving them a new life.


Recycled & innovative materials

We repurpose waste by giving a new life to fabrics to minimize the use of precious resources and emissions involved in the production process.


Natural Fibres

We use fabrics that are sustainably farmed as they have less harmful emissions, use fewer toxic chemicals and minimise the use of precious resources. 

The industry by numbers

98m tonnes

Quantity of nonrenewable resources utilised globally by the fashion industry.


Portion of clothing items made of synthetic fibers in Australia.


Average price paid by Australians to purchase one single item of clothing.

We are not perfect.

But we continue to strive to operate in a way that honours the resources that we use.

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